Quoin engages in Venture capital advisory to broker qualified startups, ventures and other entities to numerous funds that we have established relationships with.  Such an engagement may include active advisory services to ready companies for needed capital requirements.

Quoin selectively engages in the following:

  • Qualify and determine sustainable business models.
  • Quantify risk v. reward associated with investments in particular ventures.
  • Provide technical and brand due diligence.
  • Derive a needs list for ventures that are promising.
  • Representation for ventures in seeking and negotiating equity and debt capital.
  • Proactively establish relationships with A, B and C-level executives of quality emerging growth companies, public technology companies and venture capital firms.
  • Proactively identify strategies and develop programs to pursue relationships with quality emerging growth companies, venture capital firms and investment banks in the sector and continuously monitor the local markets for new business opportunities and trends.
  • Coordinate client development efforts with community and industry groups in the emerging growth and venture investment sector.
  • Monitor major M&A and IPO deal opportunities, pitch such opportunities, and draft presentations.
  • Advise and coach client development opportunities.
  • Advise emerging growth company clients on executive summaries and other written and oral presentations to potential venture investors.
  • We develop and maintain databases on angel and venture capital firm contacts, and coordinate transmission of client pitch materials to investors.
  • Maintain and develop PR, Communications and Business Development materials directed to emerging growth companies and their investors, and public technology companies and adapt materials for use as needed.
  • Recommend and implement strategies to leverage the firm’s national and international emerging growth and technology capabilities to clients and investors who wish to pursue investment and other business opportunities outside the region.
  • Develop cross-marketing opportunities with potential clients.
  • General funding of clients, referrals from investors, IPO and M&A activity.